Fibonacci Icosahedron

Fibonacci Icosahedron


Rafael Araujo's Fibonacci Icosahedron utilizes a complex blending of intricate geometries to create a fascinating isometric projection of one of the five Platonic solids and Pythagoras' "plan to build the universe." At Icosahedron's core and forming the fundamental pillar of its geometric construction are the Fibonacci Spiral and the Golden Ratio, 1.618. Found in such unexpected places as the branching of the veins in leaves and the construction of computer algorithms, the golden ratio is omnipresent in our everyday lives.

One might think these illustrations are born from a CPU, but in fact they are drafted entirely by hand in a sublime mix of mathematical perfection and artistic execution. Fibonacci Icosahedron was originally created as a pen and ink drawing on canvas and is available here as a premium archival print.


  • Archival giclee print.
  • Printed on premium cotton canvas or museum grade archival paper using pigment inks with light fastness ratings of over 200 years.
  • Ships rolled in a tube.